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May 2016 – The Stage Publication

Brighton Festival and Fringe highlights – who to see, where and when




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May 2016 – Viva Brighton Publication

Brighton Festival



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May 2015 – News and Events

Insight for Jo our Events Manager – My first wedding at Angel House

Weddings, I’m certainly not new to. Barns, fields, yurts, stately homes, rugby clubs, village halls, marquees, woods, tabernacles, country manors, concert halls, desanctified churches, aquariums… the list goes on! But grade 1 listed Regency townhouses? That’s a first.

My day started with the catering team, helping them distribute their wares about the house. The chef, the food and all the cooking paraphernalia went straight to the kitchen. Glassware, tableware, linens, wines, were swiftly ensconced in the Study, the Morning Room, The Regency Room and the Utility Room, and this wedding really started to take shape. All very quietly, mind, as the Bride and bridesmaids were busy getting ready in the Best Bedroom!

The morning passed in a flash, setting up, receiving deliveries, and, as the first guests started to arrive, lighting all the candles. The stage was set.

Then in came the guests in a steady stream, all smiles, and chat and pretty clothes. A secret signal started the music announcing the bride’s entrance.

From that moment it was all hands on deck behind the scenes. As champagne and canapés were served downstairs, upstairs a high-speed scene change was taking place, ready for Act 3: the Wedding Breakfast. Over the next few hours the stairways and halls saw as much activity as the Regency Room, with dirty plates seamlessly whisked away to be replaced and replaced again with the most scrumptious dishes from the kitchen.

By the time the Salon Bar opened and the couple had their first dance, the whole affair felt like a wonderfully extravagant house party with only the most entertaining friends and family allowed. Exhausting, but much to my relief it all happened just exactly as I’d hoped it would. Even the sun smiled on our happy couple.

A card arrived in the post a couple of days later:

“Thank you so much for letting us celebrate our wedding day at the beautiful Angel House. We had a fantastic time and will always remember it.”

To which I’d like to reply; Thank you both so much, Mr and Mrs C, for being such a fantastic couple – it was an absolute honour. Jo

Regency Delights

  •  We had a delightful time on Wednesday night, with dance master extraordinaire, Mr Henry Adams making great in-roads in educating us local folk in the fine art of Regency dancing. Jenny Plucked Pears, Gathering Peascods, The Way to be Happy, and Andrew Carey were the four dances tackled and, to a lesser or greater degree, mastered by our plucky visitors, who learned a thing or two about Regency etiquette, along the way! For photos click
  • 6th, 9th, 13th and 20th May – Regency Delights Evenings. At this year’s Brighton Festival Fringe further Regency goings-on can be enjoyed at Angel House when it opens its doors to the curious for a series of Regency-themed dance evenings cocktail included to help oil the wheels!!

April 2015 – News and Events

  • 26th April – Wedding Open Day (free to attend) 2.00 pm until 5.00 – just drop by. A great chance for a relaxed tour of this amazing seafront venue with a glass of something suitably bubbly and an opportunity chat to some of our brilliant suppliers. For leaflet please click

March 2015 – News and Events

  • 25th March – Angel House Official Opening. After four years of hard work, steep learning curves and more love than any sane person should have for an inanimate object, Angel House finally made its debut! For the full story click here.  We are very grateful to Daren from for capturing some superb photos of this lovely evening and to one of our brilliant caterers Circa for the delicious non stop canapes!