About Us

It is a privilege and joy to own and live in this magically unique Regency home. What doubles this pleasure is opening the house up for others to enjoy and feel special in.

The house is the first seafront property in Hove right opposite the iconic and reassuring presence of the Angel Peace Statue. The east wall of the house is actually the Brighton and Hove border and so No 1 Brunswick Terrace is quite literally No 1 Hove! You can read more about the history and renovation of Angel House here.

We took the house on in 2005. The lower ground floor and the back wing were in need of serious renovation and this work was done in 2007. For the first 5 years a creative and lovely group of people lived here, running all sorts of workshops and community events. In 2010 it was clear that the rest of the property needed some major structural attention and so the house was closed and the painstaking business of complete restoration of this exquisite property began which was only recently completed.

As well as being an exclusive venue for weddings and events the house has been used for many TV and film shoots. Episodes of Poirot, Lovejoy and various movies have been shot in the house. Most recently DAKS clothing celebrated 120 years of trading by inviting Paul Weller and his daughter Leah to Angel House to model their latest fashion collection as well as shooting some footage of Paul and Leah singing a couple of Paul’s classic songs.

Angel House has hosted to many artistic and creative events. In last year’s May festival we had a great time with Hendrick’s Gin and their “Carnival of Knowledge”, a truly mind, body and spirit (that would be the Gin!) experience.

Angel House is an exclusive and special place for your wedding, event or away day but it is also a very human and comfortable place too. We hope that as many people as possible get an opportunity to enjoy this place as much as I have and do.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Phill Haiselden May 2014

Angel House Victorian eraLight fitting Angel HouseBrighton Promenade outside Angel House 20th Century Mural flooring Angel House Hove